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Professional Re-Entry Program


What is Reentry?

Successful completion of a treatment program for professionals in only one important step of many needed to successfully reenter employment safely.   Often times the professional may face legal, regulatory, licensing, and credentialing situations which may be prohibitive in gaining employment.  Professionals completing the Parkdale Professional’s program will receive unparalleled and ongoing support and assistance with legal, licensing, and regulatory issues that may likely arise.  Parkdale works closely with many licensing agencies, monitoring program, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement to ensure the professional meets all requirements while maintaining the ability to reenter their respective profession.  If you would like to discuss your situation with a Parkdale Advocate, contact us today.  


About Professional Reentry

We at Parkdale’s understand.  Therefore our professional reentry program is one-of-a-kind and is designed to provide the highly accountable professional with documented sobriety and compliance with the goals of continued sobriety, compliance and employment. Parkdale is able to do this by helping the highly accountable professional enter into a comprehensive return-to-work contract with either your employer or potentially a new one whom provides peace of mind and accountability for all parties. If you’re committed to staying clean and sober but you’re having trouble finding work in your profession, Parkdale will attempt to guide you so you are not alone.


Regulatory agencies and professional monitoring/assistance programs

Building on Parkdale’s Aftercare program , the Professional Reentry Program is the next step for the professional looking to get their life and career on course while maintaining recovery.   This program works in conjunction with state monitoring agencies or assistance programs or can serve as a standalone program. We have wonderful relationships with regulatory agencies and a goal of working together with them to have you safely back working to the standards commensurate with your profession.   

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