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Parkdale programs for professionals

Each professional is different. Parkdale Center for Professionals teaches you how to manage the stress of life and the extra weight of addictions. Your work identity, whether you are a nurse, lawyer, physician, pilot, corporate exec, athlete, laborer or engineer, makes up a great part of life’s outcomes.

Our belief is that is not about getting your life back; it is about getting the life you deserve. This statement is true for both the addicted individual and the support system around them.

Stage 1 - Commitment-free Phone Assessment @ 888-883-8433

Everyone needs to decide if Parkdale is right for your needs. There are many treatment facilities and styles. Each is a gift to the right fit, but we are all different.

  • We help you understand estimation of length, how much detox may be needed, cost factors, how to navigate what is next.

  • *Inpatient facility may be recommended at this stage if extremely dependent. We can help direct those in need.

Stage 2 - Comprehensive Assessment

This plan is designed to ensure that you will receive the appropriate treatment and care needed for to heal all aspects of damage.  This key assessment time is also what forms the basis of your insurance baselines. Your progress determines your stay length. 

  • Our clinical team will customize the right plan of care.

Stage 3 - Check-in to Parkdale Center for Professionals into a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Accommodations—We have group residential options located upstairs, or individual hotel rates negotiated offsite.

  • Full-time custom and group treatments begin and access to all Parkdale services

    • These are designed for the professional and include a host of stress/addiction management therapies such as yoga for pain, cognitive, understanding relapse, and more.

    • Families and employers are provided with support, education, and options from Parkdale on how to improve outcomes during this stage also.

  • What to bring — Click here to download a pdf of items to bring to Parkdale.

Stage 4 - Check-out

  • Return to home

  • Become highly engaged in outpatient status

Stage 5 - Intensive Out­-Patient Program (IOP) & Professional Reentry

Parkdale will assist you either locally, or work with IOP in your hometown, to create a support system of individuals and outpatient appointments to ensure you are ready to prevent relapse in the best way possible.

Home living, adjusting to new norms and support

  • This stage is recommended to ensure that an individual begins to form new healthy habit when returning to everyday life.

  • Onsite group appointments in your community

  • Reintegration/Professional Reentry to work, as recommended

Stage 6 - Aftercare

We don’t want you to meet your potential; we want you to form a relationship with it.  This bond with potential does not happen the minute someone quits using.  It takes the creation of a supportive system.  We will help everyone acquire this. The time post-IOP is referred to as “Aftercare.”

  • Long-term sponsor engagement

  • Group meetings to create a supportive environment

  • Continued support for families, employers, and colleagues, as desired.

Stage 7 - New Beginnings

  • Many in recovery make a dedication in their new-found life successes to helping others recover too.

  • Much like some of our founders and of our staff, they have proudly become sponsors on the journey to healing.