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Our staff

The Parkdale team is well diversified both personally and professionally. Fields of formal training include Family Medicine, Nursing, Addiction, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Legal, Family Therapy, Psychiatry, Pharmaceuticals, Business, Anesthesia, and Emergency Medicine. Several team members also have personal and intimate experience with chemical dependency or substance abuse. This has provided a firsthand perspective on legal issues, professional concerns, licensing and credentialing advocacy, addiction, treatment, and most importantly, successful recovery.

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M.D., FASAM, Medical Director

David Cummins, MD, Diplomate American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr Cummins is the Medical Director for Parkdale Center. He is board certified in both Addiction Medicine and Emergency Medicine and has extensive experience in treating patients suffering from substance use disorders. Following best practice guidelines set forth by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and using the latest evidencebased treatment modalities, Dr. Cummins has helped develop the most comprehensive and seamless program for addicted professionals in the country. Using timetested treatments and cutting edge alternative therapies, his program succeeds by focusing on prevention, treatment, longterm monitoring, advocacy, and reentry into the workplace. Dr. Cummins also works closely with multiple local, state, and federal agencies to ensure employee protection and client compliance. 

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MBA, APN-BC, MSN, CRNA, Parkdale Center, CEO

Rodrigo has been a direct care provider in the health care field for more than 20 years. He has experience in emergency management, intensive care, surgical services, and anesthesia. He is currently a member of the Indiana Office of the Attorney General task force; a delegate to the National Safety Council, and has held faculty positions at Evanston Northwestern School of Anesthesia, Ivy Technical Community College – Nursing Department, and Valparaiso University School of Nursing. Rodrigo has extensive experience in the field of addiction, treatment, management, advocacy, and recovery of the highly-accountable recovering professional. Rodrigo is sought out for his engaging and powerful speaking presentations geared towards bringing to light the "silent epidemic" of addiction. He has educated thousands of families, state employees, individuals, employers, and professional organizations on the addicted professional and how this person affects every aspect of society. As the Parkdale Executive Program director, he is responsible for providing residents with the most effective, comprehensive, and progressive treatment program possible. One such component is the unique Professional Reentry Program that begins on day one and is designed facilitate future reentry into the resident's chosen profession. 

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MBA, BSN, RN, CADAC II, LAC, Parkdale Center, COO

Claudia has more than fifteen years of direct patient care experience as well as managerial and recruitment experience. She has focused much of her career in research and development of programs, policies, and procedures to improve patient outcome and maintain employer compliance. Claudia obtained her MBA degree, graduating with honors, with a focus on health care administration, specializing in assistance of professionals in need. She currently is an appointed member of the Indiana Office of the Attorney General's Prescription Drug Task Force. Claudia has firsthand knowledge of addiction and recovery through the eyes of a non-addicted loved one and family member. Her training as a certified addiction drug and alcohol counselor (CADAC II),Registered Nurse, and licensed addiction counselor (LAC) along with her very personal and intimate knowledge of the situational circumstances the family members often experience has helped forge one the most seamless, comprehensive, and resourceful family programs in the country. Her unique skill set will be invaluable for the professionals and their families, as the individual networks through the myriad considerations, obstacles, and potential consequences associated with workplace addiction. 

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Our most recent clinical addition is a Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist in the PHP/IOP program providing psychiatric evaluation, psychotropic medication management, and cognitive behavioral therapy for individuals with addiction. Christine is a Doctor of Nursing Practice who graduated with the highest distinction from Valparaiso University. Prior to that, she acquired her Masters of Science degree with a focus in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing from Rush University, Chicago Illinois. She served as Practitioner/Faculty with Rush University for most of a decade and is currently an assistant professor of nursing at Valparaiso University since 2005. She has worked in the area of psychiatric nursing since 1988 and is certified as an Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist through the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Dr. Kurtz is also a long-time      member of the member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.


Alice Olson LMHC, LCAC, NCACII, Substance Abuse Counselor

Alice has been a counselor/therapist for over 40 years working with both hearing and deaf people to assist them in their journey for greater mental health or stable recovery from addiction.  Working in Northwest Indiana all of her professional life has allowed her to learn so much from each person she worked with. She is also a member of the National Association of Addiction Professionals and its Indiana affiliate.  She has received recognition from several Indiana governors (Bowen and Orr) and with letters of commendation also from President Ronald Reagan for her work in the disability community in the state of Indiana.  She was a member and/or chair of the Indiana Rehabilitation Commission for 7 years and long ago was a rehabilitation counselor for the deaf.  Unable to find treatment centers able (many were willing) to treat her deaf clients, she ended up learning about addiction to assist deaf community members in finding recovery.  She was President of the Indiana Chapter of Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf as well as the Indiana Deafness and Rehabilitation Association to further acceptance of Deaf people in the community. She was a member and the chair of the Valparaiso’s Mayor’s Advisory Council for People with Disabilities for 3 years.   She has been a process group therapist for over 35 years and has enjoyed assisting people in their journey of recovery.  A consultant to several local library systems regarding disability needs, she continues to work toward full participation of people with disabilities and in recovery in their own community.  She has taught classes at Indiana University Northwest, Purdue Northwest and taught sign language classes in various cities in Northwest Indiana.  She continues to work her own recovery program as an adult child of an alcoholic and has done much trauma work for herself and others.  She has chosen to give back to the community by becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in Porter County.   


Steven May
LCAC,MAC, MS, Substance Abuse Counselor

Steven began his professional experience in the business world, while completing his undergrad with a major in Sociology followed by a Masters degree in Community Counseling Psych. Steven graduated with honors from NEIU Northeastern Illinois University, while working full time. He quickly passed the (DPE) Departmental Proficiency Exam to receive the Master’s degree followed by the the National Counseling Exam to receive the (NCE) Nationally Certified Counselor and the Licensed Professional Counselor. He is also an (LCAC) Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor, with the additional (MAC) credential - Master of Addiction Counseling.  Steven’s 30 plus years of recovery with many years of professional addiction work experience have given him the insight and training to work with some of the most highly accountable addicted professionals, including with members of the VA and, including all four branches of military veterans, with Fortune 500 executives, and directly within process-groups in the YA Young-Adults (18-25 years of age) and RR Recovery-Renewal and ADP Adult-Residential Populations. Combining this 30 year recovery activity and professional experience with participating in the facilitation of process-groups for impaired-professionals, at all levels of treatment care, make Steven a invaluable part of the Parkdale team. Steven specializes in working with all walks of varied socio-economically, multi-cultural, pan-sexual individuals of virtually all ages processing various forms of addiction, mood and personality disorders and PTSD trauma-related issues, as well as theimpaired professionals in the medical and legal spheres. Steven is also well versed in the Rogerian Client-Centered Therapy, Brief Solution-Focused approaches as well as Process-Group Therapy utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral techniques.

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Family, Social, Behavioral Therapist

Karen brings more than twenty years of experience in individual and family counseling to the Parkdale team. By utilizing evidenced-based treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, she has remained on the forefront of treatment for the struggling professional. Karen also is experienced with diagnosing and managing the addictive, social, familial, and stressors associated with the professional suffering from substance use disorder. In addition, she remains committed to education concerning the effectiveness of proper coping mechanisms and following the client through the multiple stages of early diagnosis and recovery. Karen is a leading proponent in the congruent treatment of the family as well as the patient. Her dedication to treating and maintaining the family nucleus is a crucial component in the overall wellness of the recovering professional. She also is recognized by the court system as a leading expert. Her official work as a mediator has been instrumental in navigating through the myriad of legal issues often associated with addiction.


Parkdale Psychologist

Stan Lelek, Psy.D., CADAC, NCACII, is a licensed clinical psychologist with both state and national certifications, contributions, and recognitions. Dr. Lelek is a previous ICCADA board, testing committee, and ethics committee member as well as the case presentation chairman. Dr. Lelek has previously held faculty positions in the department of Psychology at Ivy Technical State College and Purdue University, North Central. He has provided services for multiple community mental health centers and continues to collaboratively work with a large number of local, state, and national groups to provide resources to those struggling with substance use disorder. Dr. Lelek’s specialties include chemical dependency, substance abuse, trauma, and dissociation with a special interest in the addicted professional. By adhering to industry standards, utilizing cognitive testing parameters, and assisting in the development of individualized and progressive care plans, Dr. Lelek is an invaluable addition to the Parkdale team.


Behavioral Health Tech

Irene Martin joined the Parkdale team as a volunteer in October 2015. Her primary focus is assisting those in early recovery to help establish the tools, resources, and support needed to begin their individual journey of sustained sobriety. As a testament to her dedication and commitment to those in need, Irene officially became part of the Parkdale Clinical where she continues to excel in her role as the Behavioral Health Tech. Irene’s personal journey in addiction and recovery began 14 years ago when she personally learned the tool that she now shares with others. So moved by this experience, she dedicated her life to recovery, service to others, and preventative education. With her Associates degree in Applied Science in Human services as well as her Certification in Addiction Studies, Irene is poised to be a valuable asset to those she is fortunate to work with. Estimated date of attrition for her Certified Addiction Drug and Alcohol Counselor credentials (CADACII) is July 2016. Irene utilizes her vast personal experience as well as her formal training to help those who need it the most. Her areas of focus include abstinence based programing, 12-step recovery, direct peer support, spirituality, and altruistic service work.


Kelly Bishop Bohren MSW, LCSW, RYT

Alternative Programming

Kelly teaches yoga and meditation at Parkdale.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist.  Kelly has a certification in Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy, is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200hr level, and is also a Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor.  Additionally, Kelly has had extensive training in mindfulness and meditation and also Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  Kelly began her work with addictions over 20 years ago while working with homeless youth in Portland, OR.  Here, as a Federal Program Administrator, she learned and also trained others in best-practice approaches for advocacy, treatment and prevention.  At Parkdale, Kelly teaches Yoga and Meditation from an evidence-based perspective.  She weaves western psychology with eastern philosophy to create a holistic approach to mind-body healing.  Yoga is meditation in motion and is used for those interested and when appropriate to accelerate an individual’s awareness of the relationship between their thoughts, emotions, behaviors and ways of relating to others.  From a neurobiological perspective yoga and meditation help to regulate the autonomic nervous system, lower resting variable heart rate, and develop new neuropathways.  The translation of the Sanskrit word “yoga” literally means to “yoke” or to unite.  The recovery process from addiction is very much about union.  Individuals integrate their fragmented selves into wholeness, and thus, no longer crave relief from unresolved pain.  Kelly is co-founder and owner of Thrive Center for Integration and Healing where she sees patients for outpatient psychotherapy and yoga services with a specialization in process addictions. She teaches vinyasa yoga classes and provides restorative yoga workshops at several different studios in the area.  She has been on faculty at the Indiana University School of Social Work, teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses, and has provided consultation and presentations at numerous conferences and events on various topics related to mental wellness and evidence-based interventions.