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About Our Facilities

Built in the 1920’s by James Packard, founder of Packard Motors, this beautiful facility first served as a summer retreat for the Packard Estate.  It’s proximity to major metropolitan cities despite being spacious and private was as appealing in the 1920’s as it is Today.  In the 1970’s the facility was converted into one of the most popular bed and breakfast establishments in the Midwest.  It has welcomed and housed hundreds of guests throughout the Country for people looking for rest, serenity and beauty.  The facility is now used as the perfect location to begin healing, self-reflection, and the road to wellness at the Parkdale Center.  

Parkdale Center is located in the heart of Dune Country.  It is just minutes from the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, the Indiana Dunes State Park, and the National Lakeshore Parks.  Parkdale is nestled inside 100 tranquil wooded acres overlooking beautiful Lake Palomara.  With multiple natural trails, nature walks and self-reflection opportunities are readily available and encouraged.  Geese, swan, ducks, songbirds, deer and other wildlife set the stage for a serene, relaxing, and healing experience.  All living quarters are uniquely designed to provide the most healing and comforting environment during your stay.  Parkdale Center is located 25 minutes from the Michigan border, is 45 minutes West of South Bend, one hour East of Chicago, and two hours North of Indianapolis.  To request a brochure, more information, or to set up a tour, contact us today.