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Family Resources

Family members and close friends are among those most deeply impacted by the addiction process.   At Parkdale, we will not let you become the “forgotten victims.”  It is perfectly normal for family members to struggle significantly with issues of guilt, shame, anger, blame, and co-dependence. The professional’s family also deals with other important concerns regarding finances, family dynamics, and social stigma. The whole support system deserves to heal. Parkdale is committed to helping the family and friends of addicted professionals through available counseling and therapy, education, resources, and payment plans.  We see that the family and caregivers as equally in need of healing.  

We also understand and utilize strict confidentiality protocols to provide peace of mind to the professional and their family.  If you question whether or not you or a loved one may be addicted to or abusing substances, we encourage you to utilize these industry-standard screening tools that are not meant to diagnose, but may serve as preliminary indicators that there is a problem with substance abuse /substance use disorder:

AUDIT Alcohol Screener | Drug Abuse Screen Test (DAST)

We have staff dedicated specifically to helping family and friends throughout this difficult process.  Our network of affiliates throughout the country provide access to follow-up counseling and other services long after the client is treated on-site.  Only together we will learn. At Parkdale, we understand the reality that addiction is a disease affecting the entire family and we are uniquely qualified to help everyone involved restore hope and rebuild lives.


Onsite Visiting Hours

Our doors are always open to you.  This facility is not a lock-down program.  However, to be sensitive to the healing process we do ask that you stay closely in touch with our family support coordinator.  We have family weekends during the process.  These differ for each patient. During this visit we encourage you to begin to show support for their journey and being their own healing by attending an Al-Anon Meeting. You will find more information on our community links and education resource page.

Friday: 5-9 pm
Saturday: 12-9 pm | Community event mandatory for resident. Family welcome to participate.
Sunday: 12-9 pm | Volunteer Event mandatory for resident. Family welcome to participate.

Family Support Meeting: Every other Monday from 6-7 pm. Subject to change. Look at calendar of events.



One more suggestion - each treatment program is different, so learn about them.  Here is the overview of the Parkdale process. Need advice?  We are there for you at (888) 883-8433.  You will not be walking a road alone anymore.