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Can I Save My Professional Career After Treatment for Substance Abuse?

At Parkdale Center, one of the most common questions we are asked by current and potential clients is, “Can I save my professional career after treatment for substance abuse?”  The short answer to this question is almost always a non-committal, “maybe.”  The long answer is what Parkdale Center is all about.

Highly Accountable Professionals (HAPs) with a history of substance abuse have a significant amount to lose if they are unable to continue in their chosen career.  In addition to the concerns of anyone suffering from the disease of addiction, professionals typically have years of education and experience, significant financial investment and an entire identity wrapped up in their professional career.  A typical rehabilitation facility simply is not equipped to help someone address these issues above and beyond treatment for addiction.  Simply put, recovery comes first and there is no chance of maintaining a career if one continues to use and abuse substances.  Parkdale helps the professional establish a strong foundation of recovery before going to work for you to restore hope and rebuild your life and professional career. 

Parkdale Center’s specialized team has been put together to comprehensively address the career, licensure and legal challenges faced by the HAP.  In addition, Parkdale has a unique family-treatment program as well as financial consulting and trained professionals to assist with licensure issues.  Our comprehensive approach helps the HAP develop a proprietary “recovery portfolio” that demonstrates an individual’s compliance, accountability and objective advocacy from Parkdale.  Parkdale’s team works together with our clients to address any hurdles to professional re-entry that may occur, with emphasis on continued sobriety and trusted advocacy on their behalf.  No other treatment center for professionals offers anything near this level of active participation to assist clients with getting their lives back.  Parkdale does not game the system, provide “quick fixes,” lie or manipulate to help save your career.  We provide you with the tools you need to become clean and sober and stay that way.  Then we help to build your recovery portfolio, provide ongoing accountability and become your biggest advocate when no one else will. 

So, can you save your professional career after being treated for substance abuse?  Maybe.  It is a complex question with complex answers and a great deal of hard work is involved.  If you are committed to getting treatment and staying clean and sober, you deserve the best possible chance to turn your life around.  Parkdale can help.