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Why Parkdale?

For many people suffering from chemical dependency, admittance into a treatment facility may be the most daunting decision of their lives.  Some may be faced with extended separation from their family and occupation to tend to their medical needs.   Others are dealing with the fear of embarking on a new way of life apart from their drug of choice.  Deciding on a treatment facility is an overwhelming task. This huge commitment is made at a time when the individual may also be experiencing significant financial, social, and spiritual distress. 


Fortunately, Parkdale is a place where disengagement from the use of drugs and alcohol can happen in a safe and secure environment.  Our facilities are geared toward the Highly Accountable Professional (HAP), and as such you will be surrounded by other high functioning and licensed individuals that are goal-directed and serious about their recovery.  HAP’s who have sophisticated defense mechanisms will learn how to cope with life stressors without the use of alcohol or drugs all while having access to Parkdale’s comprehensive services. 


Parkdale recognizes the patients’ concerns regarding their professional status.  Our treatment plans specifically target the unique stressors and demands faced by HAP’s.  At Parkdale, we acknowledge that the normal course of addiction can be exacerbated by the responsibilities surrounding one’s occupation.  The path to recovery is complicated by increased professional obligations such as maintaining licenses or certifications.  These issues are addressed throughout your stay at Parkdale by focused one-on-one coaching, guest lecturers, and the fellowship of like-minded professionals surrounding you throughout your stay.


The invaluable network of industry professionals is another key to Parkdale’s   exceptional program.  We have developed strong partnerships in the community that will help you get back to work.  With the assurance of your continuous sobriety and hard work we have bridged the seemingly impossible gap between addiction and re-employment.  Parkdale’s re-entry program features the help that you need to practice your trade again.  We will pair you with a recovery coach who will enable you to reap the rewards of your hard-earned sobriety.  Our accountability programs assure your future employer that you can once again become a productive member of the workforce despite your struggles.  The re-entry program also adds another layer of motivation for HAP’s as they commit to their sobriety in an effort to become gainfully employed again through return-to-work contracts.


Our comprehensive approach leaves no rock unturned.  The road to recovery is littered with a myriad of financial and legal concerns.  Parkdale can assist you in these matters with our team of consultants.  We have supplemented our program with on-site financial counseling, enabling you and your loved ones to focus on the business of recovery.  We offer extended repayment, price negotiation, and third party financing to make your stay possible.  We also offer a range of consultations including health insurance advocacy, short and long term disability advice, and financial planning.  Many of our clients find themselves in litigious professions where our legal advice can make all the difference.  Parkdale emphasizes your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Our guest lecturers and legal proponents arm you with the knowledge you need to pick up the legal strategies necessary to move forward.  Recovery is a lifelong struggle and as such, Parkdale positions itself to help you help yourself long into the future.

Our HAP’s report that their most transformative experience, without exception, is the family program.  At Parkdale, we respect the nature of your relationships with your loved ones.  While some treatment facilities may view treatment as a time of deprivation and isolation from society, we encourage you to reconnect with your significant others.  We offer a multi-modal approach in our family program that honors spouses, children, and significant others.  Parkdale emphasizes reconstructing trust, facilitating communication, and emerging from self-dependence.  The family program at Parkdale will assist in healing the most important aspect of your sobriety: your relationships.  De-stigmatizing and educating the family begins the healing process.  We believe that close bonds to our loved ones can not only be an unlimited source of inspiration for our recovery but also a boundless reward.


Parkdale truly considers all aspects of recovery.  In addition to our professional, family, and financial approach we consider the holistic nature of this disease.  Drawing upon evidence based research we address our HAP’s spiritual, physical, and dietary health.  Based on comprehensive assessments we can confidently recommend alternative interventions with proven track records such as: music therapy, meditation, accupuncture, and diet modification. 


What makes Parkdale different is evident in our approach.  We want to serve as a starting point for a new life.  Parkdale is committed to rejuvenating your spirit and nurturing your potential as a sober individual.  We believe that you are not defined by your addiction but that when treated as an illness, those suffering from it will recover.