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For the addict, addiction in and of itself can seem like a prison sentence and contrary to what some may believe, the sentence of addiction needn’t be life long. Yet for many, a sense of imprisonment can be felt on multiple levels as the struggle to break free from the shackles of addiction can seem futile. Addiction often creates false senses of reality within individuals that lead them to believe that self control cannot be achieved, not to mention the mental, physiological, emotional and social impacts addiction can have on the addict, often making them feel enslaved by their addiction.

For some, real, physical jail time or imprisonment can be the result of committing crimes while under the influence of a controlled substance. It’s no secret that being under the influence of drugs and alcohol can cause one’s actions to become erratic, leading to behaviors that include theft, violence, and/or other reckless behaviors. The result?  The veritable nail in the coffin of what may already feel like a sense of hopelessness. Physical jail time coupled with an already existing sense of mental imprisonment can be challenging. In many cases, depending on the severity of the situation, individuals may find the good fortune of standing before a merciful judge, who may allow said individuals an opportunity to obtain services from local rehabilitation centers with the hopes of providing an option that may be beneficial to them in the the long run. But for some, rehab centers may feel like open restrictive prisons, as several individuals may have had negative experiences that have not only been ineffective in its plight to provide rehabilitation but further plunged the blade of guilt deeper into their psyche.

Fortunately, centers like Parkdale and others like it have taken into consideration these legitimate concerns, spurring centers to provide a welcoming atmosphere where individual needs are not only being met, but patrons are given freedom to grow where they are without feeling a sense of judgment and condemnation. Rehab doesn’t have to feel like a prison. Having to endure the already tormenting feelings of inadequacy, guilt, self judgment and the overall sense that addiction cannot be beaten is enough to make anyone want to quit. But we happen to believe otherwise. We believe you can overcome any situation and grow to not only beat addiction but to serve as an inspiration to others who may feel the same. Find out how today by visiting Here you’ll not only find acceptance, you’ll find hope.