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About Aftercare

We don’t want you to meet your potential; we want you to form a relationship with it.  This bond with potential does not happen the minute someone quits using.  It takes the creation of a supportive system.  We will help everyone acquire this - the professional in recovery, the family, the employer and anyone willing to engage.  The time post-Intensive Out-Patient Program (IOP) is referred to as “Aftercare.”

  • Long-term sponsor engagement
  • Group meetings to create a supportive environment
  • Continued support for families, employers, and colleagues, as desired.

Aftercare Program and Its Key to Sustained Recovery

Relapse rates for professionals are among the highest for those who are not proactive and aggressive in managing their recovery.  If untreated, the professional will relapse 80% of the time within 6 months of being discovered.  However, if the professional successfully completes a treatment program specializing in treating professionals and subsequently participates in an Aftercare program, the one year relapse rate decreases to 15%.  The three and five year relapse rates are 10% and 5% respectively.  The Parkdale Aftercare program is unprecedented both in its scope and in its advocacy and support for you.  

For Many Aftercare leads to New Beginnings

  • Many in recovery make a dedication in their new-found life successes to helping others recover too.
  • Much like some of our founders and of our staff, they have proudly become sponsors on the journey to healing.

Once you are comfortable with overview of the entire process, call us for direction.  We are always there for those in need, even if you never choose to become a client of Parkdale.  Our phone is answered anytime at 888-883-8433.