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We are committed to:

You, as the Professional  Offering advocacy, legal resources, peer assistance and professional reentry assistance, providing specialized and individualized treatment for your recovery.

You, as Friends, Co-workers, or Family  Dedicated to the promotion of healthy lifestyles by offering essential resources, ongoing support and coping mechanisms, ensuring you will not be overlooked.

You, as an Employer or Co-worker  Helping identify compromised employees. We assist in meeting state and federal reporting requirements, protecting the integrity of your institution while safeguarding the clients you serve.

And to the Regulatory Agency  Working with you to ensure safe professional reentry by promoting transparency, accountability and efficacy in the process.

What We Do


From an initial comprehensive assessment through Aftercare monitoring, our programs are designed to assist the recovering professional every step of the way.


Individualized treatment plans, traditional 12-step recovery principles, and alternative treatment modalities merge together to provide the most comprehensive treatment available for professionals.


Third party, objective, and professional advocacy makes a significant impact to licensing boards, employers, regulatory agencies, and law enforcement. Our comprehensive re-entry programs help employee and employer navigate successful re-entry to the workplace.


The recovering professional will be integrated with our vast network of contacts to facilitate reentry into the workplace, enhance their recovery social circle, and promote long-term sobriety.

About Parkdale:

Our facility was designed as a safe, comfortable and secure environment to identify and treat the physical, social, biological, psychological and occupational effects of a specific population of professionals battling substance use disorders (SUD).

Our devoted team is diversified both personally and professionally with specialized training encompassing family counseling, addiction medicine, chronic pain management, critical care nursing, drug and alcohol counseling, pharmaceuticals, anesthesia, emergency medicine, alternative therapy, evidence-based treatments.

Due to our particular knowledge base, we’re skilled in assisting with professional concerns, licensing and credentialing advocacy, family systems, addiction, treatment, and, most importantly, a successful recovery.

Our Facilities:

Parkdale Center is located in the heart of Dune Country.  It is just minutes from the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, the Indiana Dunes State Park, and the National Lakeshore Parks.  Parkdale is nestled inside 100 tranquil wooded acres overlooking beautiful Lake Palomara.  With multiple natural trails, nature walks and self-reflection opportunities are readily available and encouraged.  Geese, swan, ducks, songbirds, deer and other wildlife set the stage for a serene, relaxing, and healing experience.  All living quarters are uniquely designed to provide the most healing and comforting environment during your stay.  Parkdale Center is located 25 minutes from the Michigan border, is 45 minutes West of South Bend, one hour East of Chicago, and two hours North of Indianapolis.  To request a brochure, more information, or to set up a tour, contact us today.  


Main Phone Line: 219-929-5367 | Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM